Bali Part II!

Have been missing Bali a little too much nowadays, hence posting up some pictures! But on the bright side, I’ll be traveling to Bangkok really soon and if it all works out well (I hope) then i’ll be off to Korea in June!


Went to this place called Sea Circus for breakfast on the third day! Also had the chance to try their Acai smoothie and it was really good, so much so that I can’t find a comparable one in Singapore 😦


Also went to finally went to paraglide!!! Ever since i paraglide-d in Penang, i really loved it so i hope to be able to go again soon! Also we couldn’t take any pictures cause we couldn’t have our phones with us so this was taken by our driver before we went to the middle of the Indian Ocean??? Damn cool


Went to Living Stone for dinner and the food was not bad.



Tried the Bolognese pasta and the serving size is really quite big and it was super yummy too HAHA


Headed back to rest early for the night cause James and I were gonna go hike up Mount Batur and had to leave at 1.30am. We also made Cheryl wake up at 1.30am to take this photo for us HAHAHA


The journey is insane but it was all worth it. It was also freezing cold up in the mountains


The view is amazing


Also had to take a photo but I just look so… HAHAHAHAH


I forgot what that thing in the background is called so yay us


Couldn’t get enough of the view seriously


We then went back to the villa to meet Cheryl and went back to Living Stone for brunch? lunch?


Their burgers are damn good no joke. But those chips are just weird


Also didn’t wanna waste our last day without going home with a “chasing sunset” shot so Cheryl and I rushed back to Potato Head to try to get a shot



Also stopped by Sea Circus on the way back so that we can get our last decent Acai smoothie 😦


Also our last selfie at Potato Head HAHA


Can’t wait for my next trip already! Till then 🙂


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