Bali Part II!

Have been missing Bali a little too much nowadays, hence posting up some pictures! But on the bright side, I’ll be traveling to Bangkok really soon and if it all works out well (I hope) then i’ll be off to Korea in June!


Went to this place called Sea Circus for breakfast on the third day! Also had the chance to try their Acai smoothie and it was really good, so much so that I can’t find a comparable one in Singapore 😦


Also went to finally went to paraglide!!! Ever since i paraglide-d in Penang, i really loved it so i hope to be able to go again soon! Also we couldn’t take any pictures cause we couldn’t have our phones with us so this was taken by our driver before we went to the middle of the Indian Ocean??? Damn cool


Went to Living Stone for dinner and the food was not bad.



Tried the Bolognese pasta and the serving size is really quite big and it was super yummy too HAHA


Headed back to rest early for the night cause James and I were gonna go hike up Mount Batur and had to leave at 1.30am. We also made Cheryl wake up at 1.30am to take this photo for us HAHAHA


The journey is insane but it was all worth it. It was also freezing cold up in the mountains


The view is amazing


Also had to take a photo but I just look so… HAHAHAHAH


I forgot what that thing in the background is called so yay us


Couldn’t get enough of the view seriously


We then went back to the villa to meet Cheryl and went back to Living Stone for brunch? lunch?


Their burgers are damn good no joke. But those chips are just weird


Also didn’t wanna waste our last day without going home with a “chasing sunset” shot so Cheryl and I rushed back to Potato Head to try to get a shot



Also stopped by Sea Circus on the way back so that we can get our last decent Acai smoothie 😦


Also our last selfie at Potato Head HAHA


Can’t wait for my next trip already! Till then 🙂



I’ve finally went for holidays this year after my internship.. or actually 1 month after my internship but we’ve booked and planned this trip super ahead of time so when internship ended, i couldn’t wait to get on that plane HAHA.

The sea was really blue and pretty ❤
Went to unload our luggages and went out in less than an hour!
They brought me to SisterFields cause it’s my first time here in Bali and have absolutely no clue on what is nice. And the funny thing was, the whole time prior to the trip, I thought SisterFields was a field, like a legit field with like lalang and flowers and all to take photos??? HAHAHA
While waiting for the food~
Fell in love with the acai there!!!
Lunch was… eggs ben? I can’t really remember anymore but it tasted really good! Except that the bread was too hard
Oh and the toilets there are really pretty so i had to take a picture HAHA they even provided towels???
Headed off to Revolver for our caffeine fix!
IMG_2388 1
The interior of the place was filled with guns and roses??? HAHA quite cool
The coffee was not bad! Like the caffeine in it was really strong and ya love ❤
Went back to our villa to chill for a bit
This photo is slanted HAHAHA but we went to Ultimo for dinner!
This was my marinara! The portion size was really generous and it also wasn’t very expensive! It only costs like around $9???
went to La Plancha after that~
First drinks in Bali!
Couldn’t take my eyes off the sea view. At all
It was a really chill night with the bean bags
Second day breakfast @ The Library! As recommended by my friend 🙂
Good morning~
Eggs Ben for breakkie! This only costs like $4???? im not even kidding
Headed to Potato Head for the rest of the day!
We spent like SGD100++ so we could sit by the daybed or whatever you call that. Apparently, the amount you spend there would allow you to have different ‘privileges’. So i had my meal overlooking the sea view ❤
I could totally admire the view for the whole day, for real.
Rushed back to change and get ready for the more atas night @ Merah Putih!
And this was our dinner! Finally had some local food HAHA

There’s too many pictures so i guess i would put up the rest of the trip in a different blog post! But Bali is really so pretty and i can’t wait to go back there again!!!


Hello people! I have finally decided to come back to blogging… even though i’m not sure how long this will last but i’ll try hehe. Well, since it’s already March, i guess i will summarize through my January, February and a little bit of March.


Went to Fat Cat for waffles and ice cream and it wasn’t that bad! (some of my friends don’t really like it) really love the charcoal waffles and i think it might be a lil’ better compared to Oblong… in my opinion


Also met some real legit Koreans thanks to Esther! Had a great time bringing them around Orchard Road. They even gave me a Korean name which literally means bright smile HAHAHA


Regional steamboat @ Palm Grove!!!


Reunion dinner & also finally changed for an i7+, so this is also my first photo on my i7???


Finally met up with my Y1S1 classmates!


Went to visit the new house @ Aljunied??? I think its there HAHA. It’s really small and my parents are renting it out to earn some $$$ so… i just wanna stay there before the people move in


Last day of intern!! Finally waited 4.5 months for this HAHA


First day of CNY!! W da famz


Cousins shot minus a lot of my other cousins HAHA


First day of CNY w the usual kirbs and his fam thank you for having me over every year ❤

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Second day of CNY w Ben thank you for making my CNY day 2 not so bad after all


Also finally met up with them in a super super long time! We always catch up at weird hours and drinking alcohol all the time HAHAHA


Day 3 of CNY and thank you for taking me in for some steamboat @ your house


And from walking me to the bus stop = walking me to the traffic light and then eventually walking me home because thats what friends do ❤


Then comes reunion dinner with the Gang$ta group. We finally had a proper outing??? instead of all the Friday night suppers and Sunday lunches

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The day we all got sponsored to a restaurant at Novena, the food’s pretty not bad overall! Really love the wings and steak there!


Went to watch Esther’s KPOP dance with Day! That day the inner kpop fangirl in us was released and we couldn’t stop screaming dancing and singing random lyrics that we knew. I also spotted this really cute guy and we named him skechers boy because of his shoes but it was funny trying to spot him in every dance and screaming whenever we see him on HAHAHA only my friends do crazy shit with me.


You did well, proud of you Esther!!!!


Followed by V day dinner w the girls @ Pacamara ❤

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With the pretty Seraphina ❤


Attended Seraphina’s one year old birthday! The theme was like some jungle thingy? She dressed like Tarzan-y hahaha super cute!!! And not to mention, she can walk now!! It’s so cute watching her walk with her small feet.


That night @ Grace’s 21st, we spotted JJ Lin’s car and had to stop to take a picture, because why not?


Here’s a “let’s take a you-must-stand-at-the-back convertible car shot” thanks to Sequina

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Then to Richard’s 21st! Really really treasure you as a bro, thank you for always being there for me even though sometimes it’s 11pm and you have to come all the way down (since you move house) thank you for being there even though whenever i am attached, i always neglect you guys, i’m sorry, thank you and i will try my very best to not do that in future anymore.


Ben’s 21st! Thank you for being someone i can really count on, i really appreciate this friendship even though we don’t know each other for a very long time.